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Premier Collection

Premier swimmable mermaid tail collection If you are looking for a cheap mermaid tail, we currently have our Premier collection of tails on sale. These realistic mermaid tails are perfect for beach, swimming pool and quite a lot of our young customers happily wearing them at home! All tails are 100% swimmable and can be equipped with a monofin for better performance and look. Enjoy the beauty of the Mer-World for a fraction of the price with our sale.
Celtic Mist Mermaid Tail from £22.99 £83.99
Ocean Breeze Mermaid Tail from £22.99 £81.99
Pink Lemonade Mermaid Tail Sold Out £81.99

Princess Pink Mermaid Tail from £20.99 £81.99
Ariel inspired Mermaid Tail & Top from £33.99 £81.99
Caribbean Blue Mermaid Tail from £27.99 £83.99

Coral Reef Mermaid Tail from £22.99 £83.99
Moonlight Sparkle Mermaid Tail from £22.99 £83.99
Purple Starburst Mermaid Tail from £22.99 £83.99

Rainbow Carnival Mermaid Tail from £22.99 £80.99
Lil' Merfin from £39.99

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