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Welcome to our new Planet Mermaid School!
We want our customers to have fun as well as to improve their swimming skills while using mermaid tails and monofins. With a lack of mermaid schools in the UK, we have decided to launch our own accredited mermaid swimming training course. We have recruited highly qualified and experienced swimming instructors and are going to run Planet Mermaid swimming courses around the UK as well as rolling the programme out in other countries.

Mermaid Tails Wholesale

Mermaid tail swimming is a great pool activity for kids. Add a new children’s entertainment option to your hotel, leisure centre or any other activity centre with an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

You can get a set of mermaid tails, monofins and accessories for a discounted price, including manuals and advice on how to manage the activity. Register your interest and we will get in touch!

  • Fun swimming pool activity for kids
  • No running costs
  • Health & safety training provided
  • Get a discount

    Mermaid swim instructor course

    We are looking to work with Level 2 certified swimming instructors. As a partner of Planet Mermaid School you would become a local representative of mermaid swimming, which is increasing in popularity all the time. The manual we are developing now will cover a 6 week mermaid swimming course. We are working with leading swim industry representatives now to ensure we’ve covered all technical and safety aspects of mermaid swimming. We are currently compiling a list of selected instructors to work with in the UK, so sign up now, if you want to be one of them!

  • A new addition to your swimming school
  • Planet Mermaid support with getting customers onboard
  • The possibility to be first in your area.

    Learn to swim like a mermaid

    We are expanding our network of certified mermaid swimming instructors and there will be more swimming pools offering options for little mermaids and sharks soon. Fill in the form to reserve your place and we will get in touch as soon as there are mermaid swimming pool classes available in your area!

  • Certified swimming instructors
  • Classes developed for mermaid monofin swimming
  • Improve technique while having fun with other mermaids
  • Swim as a mermaid
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    Planet Mermaid friends

    Mermaid Tails available from Based in the United Kingdom with priority shipping worldwide.

    Planet Mermaid Tail

    A review on a KIDS tail sent to me from across the pond! My honest opinion on its cosmetics, comfort, durability, customer service and performance!

    Our Swimming Courses


    Our mermaid swimming courses are up and running in locations around the UK, so sign your mermaids and merboys up for classes - now in Bedford, Gloucestershire, Devon, London and Kent.


    We're also training internationally, so if you're holidaying in Lanzarote or Croatia get in touch with us as we have courses in the area!