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Mermaid Tails for Kids




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1. Monofin + fabric tail skin = mermaid swimming

Mermaid tails consist of two parts:

Magic Monofin - rigid fin that aids swimming and gives the tail its mermaid appearance. Wearing a monofin is similar to wearing socks that are easy to pull on and off when needed.

Fabric tail skin - a lightweight swimwear piece that is worn over the monofin. It got a slit at the bottom for easy access to monofin.

2. Select your mermaid style

Get a tail in your favourite colour, don't forget to check customers reviews and their photos to get a better understanding of how the tail would look like.

Opt-in for a monofin option with your first tail, but feel free to reuse the existing monofin, if you got one already. Planet Mermaid tails  for kids are compatible with Magic Monofin only.

Get the size right! Ensure the measurements are right and contact us in case you are not sure.


Market options are limitless, however avoid cheap mermaid tails, as quality matters when it comes to swimming. Our tails are made in the UK and continuously get reviewed and complemented for the outstanding quality.

3. Exercise and get better at swimming

Before going a full-on-mermaid, ensure you are prepared.

  • Practice dolphin kick style of swimming without the monofin to get comfortable with keeping your feet together
  • Get some practice with monofin and enjoy the speed and power you are getting so effortlessly now
  • Mermaid time to shine! Put on your tail and steal the show.

4. Enjoy the mermaid benefits

  • Kids mermaid tails are bright and colourful and make a great gift.
  • Mermaid swimming is a strengthening exercise that improves your posture.
  • Tails give kids the chance to turn the fairytale into a real life.
  • Those holiday photos will look unreal.
  • Kids love these mermaid tails!