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October 03, 2020 5 min read

Finally got the mermaid tail you wanted? Well, now you will want to know the proper way to use it and be able to swim like a mermaid in no time! Follow our step by step guide below to become an expert in swimming with a mermaid tail.

Monofin and Mermaid Tail

Mermaid tails consist of two parts:

Magic Monofin -  a rigid fin that aids swimming and gives the tail its mermaid appearance. Wearing a monofin is similar to wearing socks that are easy to pull on and off when needed.

Fabric tail skin - a lightweight swimwear piece that is worn over the monofin. It’s got a slit at the bottom for easy access to the monofin.

Dolphin Kick

Mermaids move gracefully in the water with a full-body wave motion. This movement is called the dolphin kick. Once it is mastered it will be fluid and you will glide through the water like a fish. 

Imagine the way a dolphin swims. Their tail fin pushes the water up and down. Humans swim by kicking their legs one at a time, but to kick like a dolphin you have to keep your feet together and have them kick in time with each other. The power of the kick comes from your legs, hips, and core.

Before going full-on-mermaid, ensure you are prepared:

  1. Warm up your body and get used to the water
  2. Float on your back
  3. Float on your front and take breaths
  4. Dunk your head in and out of the water, taking plenty of breaths between swimming underwater
  5. Roll from front to back whilst relaxed and calm
  6. Tread on water for at least a minute
  7. Swim 25 metres

If you cannot easily complete this warm up, then you may need to practice your basic swimming skills before attempting to swim like a mermaid. The dolphin kick requires a lot of power, and you need to be able to hold your breath underwater.

If you feel nervous or panicked, concentrate on building up your confidence in the water before you do anything else. Work with a coach or parent to get your swimming skills to a level where you feel comfortable swimming on your own.

Practice the dolphin kick style of swimming without the monofin to get comfortable with keeping your feet together:

  1. Float on your stomach and hold your body in a straight line 
Your body and head should be parallel to the bottom of the swimming pool. Your arms can be at your sides or stretched out in front of you.Your legs and feet should be kept together, with your feet pointed. Do not lock your knees.
    1. Press your chest into the water, then release 
    Keep your core tight, holding your shoulders and arms still.
      1. Press your hips into the water at the same time you release your chest 
      Your legs should follow the hips in that downward motion, knees slightly bent.
        1. Release your hips and again press your chest down
        1. Extend your knees as the hips release, letting the undulating motion flow through your legs
        1. Snap your feet 
        The full motion should resemble a whip cracking, with your feet the tip of the whip. It should be fluid, never jerky. Imagine a wave or undulating motion passing through your body, from your hips to your toes.
          1. Repeat the sequence 
          When you press your chest down, your hips are moving up. When you press your hips down, your chest is moving up. Your legs should follow the movement of your hips.

            Once you feel confident with the dolphin kick and have mastered it, you are ready for the fabric covered tail! Pop the tail on at the water’s edge and start swimming like a mermaid! Remember all of the useful tips above when swimming like a mermaid and take note of the safety points below.

            Mermaid Safety - For Parents & Mermaids/Merboys

            • Our tails have a breathable fabric & an opening at the bottom that makes them safer in the water by not trapping any air.
            • Ensure the Magic Fin socks are pulled up and the fit is correct.
            • No jumping on land, stairs or other mermaids!
            • If you need a "quick release" from the Magic Fin simply remove one foot from the sock and then the other. (A bit like taking your trainers off without using your hands). Practice the move in the water until you master it. Remember, practice makes perfect mermaids. Once you can do this and your fabric tail is on just wriggle out of your tail to become a human again.
            • Do not drag or bash the Magic Fin/tail against the pool edges or base, excessive rubbing can cause damage.
            • Your swimming speed will increase with the Magic Fin, so ensure that you understand the water space around you.

            Not sure about something? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you out!

            Quick release technique

            What does a mermaid tail consist of?

            Our mermaid tails consist of a fabric made mermaid tail, that you pull on just as you would do with trousers and a separate monofin. Tail can be bought with or without a monofin. Monofin is a rigid insert that aids swimming and also holds the shape of the tail. All our tails have openings at the bottom so that you could insert a monofin from the bottom. Tail fabric covers the monofin whilst swimming.

            Are Mermaid Tails suitable for Swimming and/or Cosplay?

            Yes, our Mermaid tails are made from swimwear fabric and designed for use in water. However, they can also be used at home for play. In both cases, care should be taken to ensure that the tail is not damaged through fabric rubbing on rough surfaces or hot waters, to be used in lukewarm waters to ensure colourfast properties. Failure to follow this is considered normal wear and tear, and not included in our money back guarantee

            What are the care instructions for a Mermaid Tail?

            We will include the care instructions with your purchase. Note that the Mermaid Tails are hand wash only. Care and respect of the tail is essential - Damage caused by rubbing against rough surfaces or walking are considered natural effects and not covered in the 30 day Warranty

            Why is the Mermaid Tail open at the bottom?

            This is to allow the Monofin to be inserted for Swimming and removed afterwards. Additionally, so the Monofin is accessible at all times for safety reasons

            What is a monofin and can I buy it separately?

            Monofin is a type of swim fin used in many water sports as a swimming aid. A single rigid flat surface is attached to the swimmer's feet to increase efficiency and speed. In the mermaid world, we love monofins for their mermaid-like appearance. You can buy monofin as a part of the mermaid tail set or separately. 

            How far are the feet supposed to go into the Magic Monofin?

            The entire foot is supposed to go into the Monofin and the material is supposed to fit around the ankle like a sock.

            We want our mermaids to truly have the best adventure ever and get involved in swimming activities, staying healthy and fit by exercising and advancing their swimming techniques by taking part in mermaid mania that has truly captured our hearts, we love being part of your world and want you all to stay safe by ensuring your tail ready. Use this guide and stay safe. 

            Very best mermaid kisses and starfish wishes!

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