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Planet Mermaid Discounts

Are you looking for a cheeky mermaid discount? You may have visited a few voucher websites already and may have found that all voucher codes have expired already. Sorry about that. However, we still have some interesting deals for you!

  • To start with - have you checked our sales section yet? We have a few discounted tails and mermaid accessories in there.
  • If you want to get a good discount code - sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page. We normally send 1-2 emails each two months, but they often include generous discount codes - of up to 30% off!
  • We would also suggest to like our Facebook page - we do contests and free giveaways there often!

Planet Mermaid Discount Exclusions

Please note that our pre-selected sets are excluded from all promotions. Also, the following box sets are also excluded from all promotions, as they are already providing a great value for money:

Planet Mermaid Discount Codes

  • Buy two tails from Mermaid Tails collection and get a 10% discount using code DOUBLEMERMAID on a checkout.
  • Buy three tails from Mermaid Tails collection and get 15% discount with the code TRIPLEMERMAID.
  • Check our Mermaid Tails for Kidspage - it may have a special discount there.