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Mermaid Tails for Adults

The world of mermaids is not only for children to explore and enjoy. Mermaid tails for adults are getting more and more attention each year. There are professional mermaids and mermen who give mesmerising performances in swimming pools and sea centres, there are mermaid schools and fancy dress parties with beautiful photoshoots involved. And then there are also people who just want to add a fairy tale touch to their life.

We are proud to present our new range of swimmable adult mermaid tails!

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Mermaid tails for adults

What are the adult tails sizes?

Our tails come in UK sizes 8-16.We offer a choice of two collections: Global Magic and Atlantis with Atlantis tails being slightly larger than Global Magic, which makes Atlantis perfect for taller or larger people.

Where can I use my tail?

All our mermaid tails are suitable for use in and out of water and you can swim wearing a tail too. You can swim wearing it in a private swimming pool or take it with you on a beach holiday. You may be able to wear it in your local swimming pool, but we advise to get in touch with them firsrt. You can also have a wonderful photoshoot wearing a tail, especially if matched with a mermaid bikini.

What is it made of?

Our tails are made of a lightweight fabric and are reinforced with monofins that give the tip of the tails a wonderful shape and a real mermaid look.

How would people react if I wear my tail on a public beach?

We know it may feel odd to put your tail on for the first time, but there is nothing to worry about. You would receive lots of compliments and attention from both: adults and kids. In our experience, people always treat tails and mermaids with a great excitement and enthusiasm.