Mermaid Journey

Planet Mermaid was founded in 2009 by Magdalena Jovanovic who noticed a gap in the market and started creating her own tails in a little space in Bedford.

I came up with the idea to raise money for my son after he was diagnosed with autism. I found a gap in the market with mermaid tails and used my skill set as a costume designer to develop a collection that captured the mermaid movement. My background is in clothing manufacturing, so this came quite naturally to me.

Planet Mermaid since grew from a small Ebay shop to the main UK Mermaiding portal that you are on now.  With your help we came a long way and made a lot of progress since:

  • All our tails are still handmade in the UK, in Bedford. We are still a very family-like business with only a very small team of passionate people working on capturing a part of life that is vanishing for some children and giving them the opportunity to still experience the magic.
  • Our designs are getting more sophisticated and we keep adding new products, such as swimming suites.
  • We are listening to your feedback and requests. In December 2019 we have received a lot of requests for Elf mermaid tail so we had to improvise!
  • We are proud supporters of Make-a-Wish charity

  • Planet Mermaid tails were showcased in national newspapers and magazines, such as Daily Mail; we had celebrities, such as Geri Halliwell wearing our tails, we launched our mermaid swimming school with series of the events around the UK and we had our first pop-up physical shop 

We are proud to be showcased in dozens of print magazines and online outlets from national providers and BBC world news to local newspapers

All in all, we take a great pride in what we do and always try to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. We always appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to get in touch with any questions or suggestions. 

News & Updates