Mermaid Tails

Our mermaid tails for kids are great fun as well as an amazing support for improving swimming skills. Reinforced with a monofin, they have a beautiful realistic shape which helps swimming. We also create some amazing mermaid tails for adults. Tails have matching mermaid tops and mermaid leggings too.
  • These tails are perfect for mermaids and merboys too, for example, the Frozen Aqua merboy tail comes in a stunning bright blue colour. These tails are suitable for children aged 3 to 14.
  • Planet Mermaid swimmable mermaid tails can be used out of water and in water. The fabric is protected from chlorine so it doesn’t fade over time.
  • Mermaids and merboys can get tails reinforced with monofins, that provide support for the tail, make it look more realistic as well as serve as a swimming learning aid. Tails can be used with or without monofins, though they look much better with a rigid base.
  • Whether the tail is going to become a party outfit or gorgeous looking swimming wear - the child wearing it won’t be disappointed.

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