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February 18, 2016 2 min read

How wonderful that one of our 'original' tails appeared on a recent episode in EastEnders. The very talented and gorgeous actress Luisa Bradshaw-White aka Tina Carter from the infamous Carter clan was stunningly dressed in an opulent headpiece and our nationwide favorite 'Frozen Blue' mermaid tail.

The scene was set - she was draped across the kitchen table at the EastEnders studio with an array of shellfish and a stunning glittering tail. 



EastEnders Mermaid Tina Carter

Unfortunately the scene ended with the little mermaid not jumping for joy, well it is EastEnders!! However she looked super in her Planet Mermaid tail!

Eastenders Tina Carter

We are very happy to dress the UK talent on British TV and have worked closely with organisations such as Lime Pictures, ITV, BBC and a variety of corporate events for awards ceremonies. 

Of course the only way is PLANET MERMAID!!!!

I'm sure Bobby Norris from TOWIE would agree as he looks fantastic in his Planet Mermaid made to measure swimming tail. He made a strong impact in a recent episode of Towie that aired in the Summer of 2015. 


The only way is Essex

Bobby Norris TOWIE Mermaid

Bobby Norris partying in Marbella


 We have worked with various professional organisations assisting with events and coordinating high end products for display, promotion, tv, film and leaders of marketing know that nothing quite hits a spot like a mermaid! (even a tattooed merman can look stunning dancing on the decks of Marbella). The magical creatures are so spectacular that seeing them swim is a real treat. We have supported and dressed mermaids worldwide and love what we do :)

We recently supported an awards ceremony for Celebrity Cruises in London. You can see the images below and I'm sure you would agree that the professional swimmers from Aquabatixs look stunning in their Industry styled mermaid sets from Planet Mermaid.

If you are holding a special event and want to work with a creative flexible organisation then get in touch for a chat to discuss how we can assist your next mermaid moment.

Aquabatix Mermaids

Swimming at a award ceremony in London

Mermaid Aquabatix


Mermaids at Planet Mermaid


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