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May 19, 2016 1 min read

It's a wonderful day here at Mermaid HQ! We've launched our new Magic Fin monofin that we feel is totally awesome. We wanted to provide our mermaids with a fin that covers a wide age range and that is both comfortable and highly durable.
The Magic Fin achieves that with the nifty sock inserts that fit foot sizes 11-6 (UK), 29-39 (EU), 11-8.5 (US).
The Magic Fin fits Planet Mermaid tails and really gives an elegant shaped fin that creates that awe inspiring mermaid silhouette.

Magic Fin Monofin


The comfort of the fin is truly excellent and the enjoyment of being a mermaid and improving your dolphin kick is achievable with this fin that hides away inside your Planet Mermaid tail.

Magic Fins at the swimming pool

Pictured swimmers with the Magic Fin, from ages 6 up to age 15. 

Fin fun at the pool

Want to join in with the fun and work on the dolphin technique? Just add a Planet Mermaid Tail for the total look :) Watch your mermaid splash with joy....


Fins and Rainbow Carnival Mermaids

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