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November 16, 2017 3 min read 3 Comments

Mermaids are the new unicorns - the next trendy mythological creature to take over the world. No-one can resist adding some magic and fairy tale to their routine lives by spending a couple of hours living in an underwater wonderland. So, let us tell you the secret for making the dreams come true.

1. Mermaid tail

The most important feature of a real mermaid, is a mermaid tail. What makes a good tail is a nice, large rigid tail tip. There are multiple types of mermaid tails.

Here at Planet Mermaid we create fabric tails which are very lightweight, combined with a separate rigid monofin insert to help improve swimming action. An alternative to fabric is mermaid tails made from silicone. These come as a single piece and while they weigh more, the silicone allows for different textures and shapes. The choice is yours!

Our mermaid tails for children are made from fabric as the weight of the material is key; however we are also launching a range of silicone adult tails.

mermaid tails: fabric vs silicone

2. Mermaid hair

Mermaid hairHairstyle is extremely important for a complete mermaid look. Just think of that beautiful quiff that the Little Mermaid has. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can go for an effortless beach waves style or for a full mermaid hair colour that became so popular around Instagram recently.

Beach waves style can be created with some salt water spray or just a bit of wax. Follow this tutorial to recreate it - no curling iron is required, so it works well for young mermaids too as it doesn’t damage hair. 


For those feeling more adventurous, try mermaid hair colouring. This could be done with a variety techniques and dyes. We would suggest trying  hair chalks. The colours will be less pronounced, however it doesn’t affect the hair and will wash out with the first wash. Just perfect for both little mermaids and adult ones. 

Some inspiration for you! Anything from gentle pinks to saturated purples and greens would look amazing. The devil is in the details. Add some marine accessories - like these starfish clips by PoppyCoast shop.

 mermaid hair and accessories


3. Water

Mermaid jumps into waterMermaid outfits are often worn for photoshoots only or as fancy dress. If that’s your case, feel free to skip these last steps to becoming a mermaid. However, if you are into swimming, you should find some water first. Unfortunately some of the UK’s swimming pools banned use of mermaid tails, so give your local swimming pool a call before going there to ensure that swimming with a monofin is allowed.

Hotel swimming pools and resort beaches are normally very loyal to mermaids, so taking your tail on holiday is a must.

We are opening up a network of mermaid-friendly swimming pools across the UK, you can sign up here to stay up-to-date with local openings.

4. Mermaid swimming training

The next step to becoming a mermaid is to learn to swim as a mermaid! There are certain safety rules to follow when starting swimming with a monofin. You should be able to swim pretty well before trying swimming with a monofin. Try swimming with no tail and only a monofin first. A dolphin kick may feel a bit complicated at the beginning but swimmers pick it up very fast. You can find more rules here.

The next step is the most exciting one! Get your tail ready!

5. Become a mermaid!

And the last step to experiencing true mermaid life is to wear your beautiful mermaid tail, jump into the water and swim as a mermaid, stealing all the attention whether you are on the beach or at the swimming pool! Don’t forget to take a Go Pro or a waterproof phone to shoot some amazing mermaid swimming videos!

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Have you seen our Royal Koi collection yet? We found inspiration from the Royal Koi fish with its beautiful scales.

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Kari Duke
Kari Duke

February 26, 2023

I wish I was a real real life mermaid with a real real life colorful tail

Elwyn of onslow
Elwyn of onslow

September 09, 2021

very muchy, not go on holiday but believe in mermaids

Cierra Davis
Cierra Davis

July 07, 2020

I wish cierra turning mermaid

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