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September 04, 2019 2 min read

Sand art is the practice of modelling sand into an artistic masterpiece.  It can come in many forms, sculptures, sand painting or in sand bottles.

It is amazing that just using two basic ingredients, sand and water, available on a sandy beach can create such incredibly intricate masterpieces.


Sand art is the oldest form of sculpting in the world. It actually dates back to prehistoric times and it is even believed that the ancient Egyptians made a sand sculpture version of their pyramids!

It was not however until the nineteenth century when the first sand sculpture was documented which subsequently took a big popularity leap forward with more and more people trying it due to it being a lucrative profession.

The 20th century then saw another massive increase in popularity where sand sculptures were built around many beach resorts and competitions formed offering attractive prizes.



Sandcastles are typically made by children and parents for fun on holiday but due to its popularity competitions are put on around the world for adults to show off their beach art skills.

The largest sandcastle made was 18 feet tall and created by RonaldMalcnujio.  He was only five foot tall and had to use several ladders to complete his masterpiece. The sculpture used one ton of sand and 10 litres of water!

The recorded world’s tallest sand castle was built on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina in 2007 as part of their Sun Fun Festival. The structure was 49.55 feet high and took 10 days to build using 300 truckloads of sand! 

This record was eventually broken this year when a 58 foot tall sand castle as erected in Rügen, Germany.

Source: Wikipedia

Tools to make the best sculptures

If all this has excited you into building your own masterpiece don’t forget Planet Mermaid has a beach art competition closing on the 30th September! – see for further details.

Below are some helpful tips to get you going:

  • Sand: Add sand to the form
  • Water: Pour enough water to completely cover the sand
  • Stir: Use hands or a shovel to stir the sand really well while the water level is above the sand level
  • Tap: Use hands to tap the sides of the form to help the sand settle more quickly

    Sand Art examples

    Sand art comes in many forms with many different subjects being chosen to sculpt but due to our love and passion for anything mermaid and shark inspired below are a few amazing creations to get your design juices flowing and hopefully help you out when entering the competition!

    Please send us your own creations through our social media platforms, we would love to see them and share with fellow mermaid lovers!



    Keep mermaiding and sharking!

    Don’t forget Planet Mermaids beach art competition closes on the 30th September! ..get entering and good luck!

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