Mermaid Blankets

Mermaid tail blankets are the cutest way to keep little mermaids’ feet warm.

These kids mermaid tail blankets are made from a plush and soft fabric that is gentle on the skin. This cosy kids mermaid tail blanket is a perfect cuddly gift for children up to 12 years old. This blanket is extremely versatile; it ensures your kids are warm during colder days and ideal for wrapping up on the sofa. It can also can be used as a snuggly toy, as well as a brilliant photoshoot accessory.

These beautifully sewn blankets are suitable for both girls and boys, and come in both an ocean blue and a cute pink colour variations. Our design perfectly complements both the luxurious style whilst encompassing the functional need of a blanket. At Planet Mermaid we ensure that all of our blankets are suitable for machine washing so that cleaning is trouble free.

Additionally, not only is the tip of the blanket tail a fashion statement but also provides a neat gap for the little ones to poke their feet through for extra fun. Keep your tails (and feet) warm!  

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