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January 31, 2019 2 min read

The mermaid phenomenon has brought about a craze for everything mermaid, whether you are going to a fancy dress party or dressing up for Halloween, you can transform your passion into reality and have any excuse to indulge in your passion.

The custom of dressing up has been around for hundreds of years; in fact, the first recording was in 1911 when people dressed up for Halloween in North America. Since then this fun past-time has just kept growing and now you can dress up for virtually any occasion.

The fun part of dressing up as a mermaid is that you can tailor it for any occasion. There are so many party ideas out there now to give you inspiration to become your ultimate mermaid fantasy.

Below are a few of our personal favourites:

We just love that fact that everyone can get involved - from men, women, boys and girls, it is not gender specific.

The effort that goes into the make-up is truly staggering; people really bring their fantasies to life, it is a true art form.

For those who want to go that extra mile and swim as a mermaid, there are plenty of mermaid tails for adults and kids to choose from. To finish the look you can also accompany your tail with a mermaid top or mermaid bikini, mermaid leggings, monofin, mermaid accessories including scrunchies, mermaid T-shirts and swim bags.

The best selection can be found below:

Go on, let your imagination shine through and please send us your pictures through our social media – we’d love to see them and share with fellow mermaid lovers.


Keep mermaiding!

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