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April 02, 2020 2 min read

When it comes to choosing a swimsuit for a child, there are so many things to consider, especially if you are getting it as a gift.

When choosing a swimsuit the key things to take into consideration are:

  • Size and age
  • Shape/type of garment and its comfort
  • Understanding of where it is going to be used
  • Any additional features
  • Design, colours and patterns

Size of the girl’s swimsuit

Most of the retailers offer size charts, so check them first as each brand would have slightly different measurements. Very often children's clothing comes categorised by age, rather than measurements, so if you are buying a gift ensure to find out the age first, as it may be helpful. Our girls swimsuits offer both – age guidance and exact measurements.

If you think that the girl you are buying for is taller or shorter than most kids for her age, exact measurements would help. If you can’t get measurements, reaching out to the merchant and asking them for help with choosing the right size is always an option.

Type or shape of the swimsuit

Understanding how the swimsuit is likely to be used will help you with your decision.

Indoors swimming pool

The usual choice for indoor swimming is a one-piece swimming suit, as it stays in place and comfortable to swim in. Darker, professional-looking swimsuits are often preferred for swimming classes, whilst if you are attending a swimming pool for leisure, you can always pick something very colourful.

Outdoors swimming

Outdoor swimming have different requirements with a few more things to consider – a cute bikini set is often a good choice. They come in all possible colours and patterns and don’t forget that wearing a set of separates makes a trip to the bathroom much easier!

Girls’ UV swimsuit

Another factor to take into consideration is sun protection. Children skin is sensitive and needs extra protection. Tops with long sleeves or rash guards may become a nice option and if that feels a bit too much, ensure that the swimsuit of your choice provides UV protection

Girls swimsuits with skirt

If you want to get something super cute, you may consider searching for a swimsuit with a little skirt. Some parents may argue that skirt doesn’t add any functionality and it is just an additional piece of fabric that extends drying time. Some parents just find it pretty. The choice is yours.

Girls mermaid swimsuit

It would be weird for us to not to mention our colourful mermaid swimsuits. Thanks to the vivid colours they stand out and attract attention. They also have matching mermaid tails that you can swim with, just saying...

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