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November 16, 2018 2 min read

Rainbow ready
We love all of our Planet Mermaid Tails,’ our Planet Mermaid designers told us, ‘but when it came to the Rainbow Collection, we wanted something that would brighten everyone’s day like a summer’s carnival. So, we merged the Royal Koi Collection scales with the bright rainbow spectrum and voila! Enjoy, mermaids!

Coral Carnival Mermaid Tail
With ALL the colours of the rainbow, this gorgeous multi-coloured tail is perfect for those of you who like to add a splash of magic wherever you go. And with one flip of your fin, the mesmerising stripes will leave a stream of ribbons behind you. 

Pacific Rainbow Mermaid Tail
Even in the largest ocean on Earth, the Pacific Rainbow Mermaid Tail is off the scale! Just like the famous Rainbow Fish, mermaids with these tails will shimmer and shine in the deep blue and be the envy of all the sea life. 

Atlantic Dream Mermaid Tail
If stripes aren’t your thing, maybe a shimmering blue will float your mermaid boat… Even at temperatures below freezing in the Atlantic Ocean, these mermaids exude warmth, love and happiness in every wave.

Bubblegum Beach Mermaid Tail
Fancy being head to toe in all the colours and shades of a summer’s day rainbow? Then blow some bubbles with our Bubblegum Beach Mermaid Tail. With vibrant oranges and pinks, plus deep purples and blues, you will look fintastic.

End of the rainbow
Be a Rainbow Mermaid from head to fin with our…
Coral Carnival and Pacific Rainbow Mermaid Crop Tops
Coral Carnival and Pacific Rainbow Mermaid Tankinis
Coral Carnival and Pacific Rainbow Mermaid Briefs
Coral Carnival Mermaid BriefsPacific Rainbow Mermaid Briefs
 But fear not mermaids, these cute items also match the Atlantic Dream and Bubblegum Tails. So, whether you’re taking a dip in the pool or lounging on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon, now you can look the whole part.
Mermaid mane
Fed up with wet locks stuck on the back of your neck while doing your mermaid thing? Simple. Tie them up with a Coral Carnival and Pacific Rainbow Hair Srunchy or Hair Wrap. Then swim away mermaids, swim away!
Now, go, find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and fall in love with our new collection today.

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