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February 28, 2019 2 min read

It is a fact that at least once in your life you dream of being a princess bride and walking down the aisle with your Prince Charming.

It is reported that 25% of couples have some sort of customised theme to their wedding and so it is no shock that incorporating their passion into their dream day is a common event.

Whilst some wedding traditions such as the first dance and the exchanging of rings are here to stay the desire to personalise things is becoming more common.  If your happiest place is surrounded by Disney magic then it would make sense to incorporate these components into your own wedding day.  Disney is the heart of romance and anything fairy-tale and with no other day more perfect than your own wedding day why not indulge in your passion.

For those mermaid lovers saying “I do” by the sea or having a mermaid inspired wedding it is a fairytale come true… a true Princess Ariel marrying her Prince Eric moment!

The next most important part to planning a Disney themed wedding is finding the perfect dress.  Ariel, the Disney princess of the sea, has a very distinctive style, long and elegant just like a mermaid tail.  Ariel is known as being unafraid of making a statement which gives the bride the perfect excuse to make a statement in her own dress.

A typical mermaid style wedding dress features a fitted body which then opens out below the knee and to reveal a stylish mermaid tail look.

Below are a few examples of mermaid inspired wedding dresses ranging from contemporary to outright mermaidtastic designs.

It does not stop at the wedding dress,  there are so many ideas out there to complete your mermaid inspired wedding day. 

Below are just a short selection of creations to get your mermaid juices flowing. Getting ready..

Holding the bouquet..

Meeting you prince Eric at the alter..

The moment you say “I do”

The reception…

Finally the wedding cake…

How would you plan your dream mermaid inspired wedding?

Please send us your ideas through our social media platforms,  we would love to see them and share with fellow mermaid lovers!



 Keep mermaiding

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