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August 31, 2020 3 min read

Long, hot summer days are the perfect time to embrace the mermaid lifestyle and head to the beach, or if a beach is too far away, then the local swimming pool. Give your children some stimulation and a break away from screens with some fun mermaid pool toys. From inflatable mermaid floats to mermaid tails, we’ve rounded up the best mermaid pool toys for some warm-weather fun!

1. Mermaid 3D Inflatable Beach Ball
£18, Amazon

Mermaid 3D Inflatable Beach Ball CREDIT: AMAZON

Make the sunny season one to remember with Sunnylife's Insta-famous games. Inflate the fun in the water with the Inflatable 3D Beach Ball which features a 3D mermaid tail icon within the beach ball!

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2. Mermaid Inflatable Volley Ball Game

Mermaid Inflatable Volley Ball Game CREDIT: AMAZON

Bring your best game this summer with this inflatable volleyball set. Use at the pool, in the garden, at the beach or at a picnic. Perfect for mermaids and humans alike.

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3. Disney Princess Spin and Swim Ariel Doll
£18.49, Amazon

Disney Princess Spin and Swim Ariel Doll CREDIT: AMAZON

Princess of the waves, Ariel is ready for the water! Wind up the seashell on Ariel's back, place her in the water, and watch her friends Flounder and Sebastian float and spin around her for ultimate water-whirling adventures! Your little mermaid will have oceans of fun winding her up and watching them whirl!

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4. Enchanted Drops Mermaid Tail

Enchanted Drops Mermaid Tail CREDIT: PLANET MERMAID

Enchanted Drops mermaid tail is the most mysterious one from all Planet Mermaid tails. Its design was inspired by the clarity of rainwater drops and foggy secrets of the lake. Features their new reinforced Magic Fin monofin! Enjoy mermaiding with this beautiful creation of the underwater world.

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5. Mermaid Inflatable Ring Toss Game

Mermaid Inflatable Ring Toss Game CREDIT: PARTY DELIGHTS

Take your pool game to the next level and have some fun with the Mermaid Inflatable Ring Toss Game. Play with your fellow mermaids for a mermazing time!

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6. Bloopies Mermaid Luna Doll

Bloopies Mermaid Luna Doll CREDIT: ARGOS

Meet the Bloopies Mermaids, your new mermaid friends! These beautiful mermaids just love playing in the bath or pool. They squirt water out of their mouth when you press their belly and they can even blow bubbles when you play with them in your bubble bath!

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7. Inflatable Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Toy

Inflatable Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Toy CREDIT: THE ENTERTAINER

Ride around in the pool or sea on your very own giant ride-on mermaid tail. This Inflatable Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Toy is the perfect toy for endless summer fun. Super-easy to climb on and off of, this giant mermaid tail is the perfect way to cruise or float around on the water.

8. Sea Star Sinkers Pool Toy

Sea Star Sinkers Pool Toy CREDIT: ETSY

Add a little mermaid magic into your next pool adventure with the new Sea Star Sinkers! These sink toys are unique because they are made from dragon skin silicone which is very flexible, soft, and durable. This rubber is also skin safe and it is what professional mermaids tails are made out of. The starfish sinkers can be used in freshwater, saltwater, and even chlorine pools!

9. Giant Pink Glitter Seashell Inflatable Pool Float

Giant Pink Glitter Seashell Inflatable Pool Float CREDIT: AMAZON

Make a statement in the pool this summer with this pink seashell island. It is perfect for mermaids relaxing whilst floating around the swimming pool. It is easy to inflate and deflate, making it the perfect statement pool float. Includes durable handles to keep yourself steady and 2 cup holders. Filled with pink and iridescent glitter for a luxurious pearlescent pink colour.

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10. Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Ring Float

Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Ring Float CREDIT: AMAZON

Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float is a must for mermaids! At over 5 feet long, it's a big-time mermaid inflatable for a perfect day at the pool. Lounge, relax, read a book and sip your favourite soft drinks on this mermaid inflatable - feel like a mermaid in no time!

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