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November 12, 2016 2 min read

We thought we would tell you a little more about the 'Magic' in our Magic Fin. The one piece (monofin) designed and made in the UK with mermaid safety in mind is the first manufactured neoprene monofin in the UK. It really is a premium quality swimming aid.

The specially designed socks are fantastic to help mermaids have a 'quick release' and are designed for foot sizes UK 11 up to UK 6. As opposed to other monofins available that have strap related fixings that tend to have no 'quick release' method in place we feel the Magic Fin ticks the safety aspect full force. Not only is it lightweight and flexible it has specially designed groves and raised features on its insert to provide a smooth unified movement for the swimmer. The Magic Fin has been through vigorous testing and we are satisfied that it is the leader in the field of neoprene covered fins in the UK. The socks are a great length that go above the ankles and support the swimmer with propulsion through the water.

The Magic Fin insert is flexible, highly durable and virtually indestructible. Above all safer in waters as opposed to other neoprene product monofins that use materials such as perspex and poly-carbonate. These types of inserts (perspex and polycarbonate) are dangerous and can shatter on impact. Please be sure to avoid any monofin with this material. They are easy to spot - the insert tends to be see through or a thin sheet of plastic. 

As a reputable organisation we have gone to great lengths to provide our mermaids with a safe durable insert that provides a pleasant and fulfilling exercise that promotes fitness and well being. Our flexible insert can withstand great pressures and at the same time is so lightweight that it truly is a match made in heaven for a mermaid swimmer.

We sell a large range of monofins and we have a great pride in knowing that our flagship Magic Fin is a superior neoprene fin on the UK market.

Be sure to view our short video showing you how durable the Magic Fin is!


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