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March 05, 2020 2 min read

World Book Day is celebrated every year and is a festivity of literature, illustrators and authors all getting together to enjoy the general love reading has to offer.  This year the theme is “share a million stories”

It is a proven fact that storytelling is a fantastic learning platform and not only does it provide confidence and enjoyment to the recipient it also greatly improves:

  • Literacy & creative writing
  • Composition
  • Spoken English
  • Speaking & listening
  • Language & vocabulary
  • Communication skills
  • Cultural understanding
  • Participation
  • Learning & thinking skills

In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that reading for pleasure is more likely to determine whether a child does well at school, rather than their social or economic background.

To coincide with World Book Day Planet Mermaid are excited to announce the launch of their very own book club where you will have the opportunity to share your love of ocean themed books with fellow mermaid friends and once a month be given suggestions for exciting reads.

The club will give you the opportunity to dive deeper into the enchanting world of merfolk.  From mermaids at school, to merfolk mixing with humans in magical ways, or getting lost in the fun mermaids and sharks get up to on their adventures, these picks are sure to make a splash with children of all ages.   Whether you are a merboy or mermaid there are plenty of exciting reads to choose from.

Let Planet Mermaid lead you into the enchanted world beneath the sea.

Source: Google

To get the book club going we would like to introduce our first book of the month “Can you catch a Mermaid?” (by Jane Ray)

Source: Google

This story is an enchanting, touching tale about friendship, filled with a wonderful sense of magic, myth and mystery.
Beautifully told and illustrated by the award-winning Jane Ray, this magical story is perfect for mermaid lovers of all ages.

We would love to hear your personal thoughts on this or make any suggestions for future reads. 

There is a prize each month for the best feedback!

To be part of our monthly book club and to leave your feedback please visit our social media pages -



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Happy reading….

Keep mermaiding and sharking

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