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July 17, 2020 4 min read 3 Comments

Do you dream of becoming a mermaid and swimming deep into the sea with the dolphins? Whilst that might only stay a dream, for now, there are a few things you can do to look and act like a mermaid in your everyday life, especially at school.

Read on below to find out how to act like a mermaid at school and look your best whilst doing it.

1. Style Your Hair Accordingly

If you have long hair, it is easier to look and act like a mermaid. Traditionally, mermaids have long flowing hair but if your hair doesn’t go past your shoulders then there are other hairstyles you can utilise.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have long hair, braiding can be a great technique to look more mermaid-like as well as using hair glitter to make your hair shimmer. Opt for oceany colours such as blue and green. Any mermaid worth her sea salt knows to rock a beautiful hairstyle, that’s why fish plaits are at the top of the list to look more like a mermaid. There are some excellent tutorials available on how to style your own mermaid fish plaits if you are not familiar with them.


Mermaid hair accessories give you another option to style yourself and act like a mermaid. From sea-themed hair bands to seashell clips and shimmery purple scrunchies - the possibilities are endless here! Mix and match your hair accessories to coordinate them with your mermaid outfits. Which brings us onto our next point of how to act like a mermaid at school.

2. Dress Like A Mermaid

What does a mermaid’s closet consist of? Think of ocean colours, flowy skirts and seashell tops. Upgrade yourself to a mermaid look by investing in mermaid-themed tops and scalloped leggings which mimic a mermaid’s tail. Pair your mermaid leggings with a dark top bring out the colour of your mermaid leggings and focus the attention on them. Don’t forget the mermaid flip flops!

Want to take your mermaid attire a step further? You can get mermaid swimming leggings which can be used in or out of the water!


In the summer it is easier to wear flowy tops and scalloped skirts but in the winter when it gets cold, it is harder to keep this up. So focus on the colours in the winter and go for blue and green ocean colours.

3. Mermaid Behaviour

In order to act like a mermaid at school, you need to think like a mermaid. Read up on mermaids and watch tv shows about mermaid to get tips on how to act like a mermaid. As a mermaid, you will no doubt be interested in marine life and protecting it. Join worthy causes and let your school mates know about these causes. Some tips include staying away from water at school in case you change into your mermaid tail and carrying seashells in your pocket.

4. Shimmer Like A Mermaid

In addition to your mermaid-like clothing, if your school allows it, you can paint your nails a green or blue colour which also has a shimmer effect. Outside of school, you can also do your make-up to look more like a mermaid. Use shimmery sea green eyeshadow and highlighter for your face. And don’t just stop with the mermaid make-up, a real mermaid uses mermaid make-up brushes to apply her make-up.

5. Enhance Your Mermaid Look With Mermaid Accessories

Mermaid Jewellery

There are so many different types of mermaid jewellery out there so pick the ones that take your fancy. These can include seashell bracelets, seahorse necklaces and dolphin ankle bracelets which all help to bring out your inner mermaid. 

Mermaid jewellery - bracelets, necklaces with seashells, dolphins, seahorses on them all accentuate the mermaid look and you will be able to act like a mermaid much better at school.

Mermaid School Accessories

In order to act like a mermaid at school, it is essential to have accessories such as a scalloped school backpack and a mermaid-themed lunch bag. These items will accentuate the mermaid look and you will be able to act like a mermaid much better at school.

Mermaid Stationery

You’ve got the mermaid outfit, the make-up and jewellery. Now you need some nifty mermaid stationery to really stand out and act like a mermaid at school. Opt for mermaid pencils, pens and a mermaid shaped pencil case. When choosing your exercises books, look out for mermaid designs on the front.

Want to fully embrace the mermaid lifestyle? Extend it to the pool and your home too.

How to act like a mermaid in the pool

It couldn’t be easier to act like a mermaid in the pool, after all, water is second nature to mermaids. You can get swimming costumes that come in oceany, shimmery colours and a scale effect to match the patterns on mermaid’s tails. 


Want to fully immerse yourself in a mermaid world? You can now with mermaid tails! These mermaid tail swimming costumes look just like a real mermaid’s tail - perfect for swimming in or hanging around by the poolside.

How to act like a mermaid at home

Create a mermaid’s paradise in your bedroom with mermaid decorations. Opt for shimmery blue sequined cushions, mermaid paintings, mermaid wallpaper. You can also get a mermaid duvet cover and decorate the walls with mermaid fairy lights. 

Continue your mermaid theme into the bathroom with seashell-shaped soap dishes and under the sea shower curtains to make you feel like you are in the sea. The possibilities and options are endless when it comes to decorating your bedroom and home to make it more like a mermaid’s residence. 


Now that we have listed all the things you can do to act like a mermaid at school, hopefully, you will be able to navigate through school swimmingly like a mermaid. 

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Wow this was so helpful. Me and my cousin are obsessed with mermaids rn and loved this!!!


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Omg! This actually works!


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