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Yay today is National Sea Monkey Day! Have you ever had your own sea monkeys to grow? The excitement of sprinkling that magical ingredient into the water and then watching them hatch, diving and flipping around in the water. 

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The contentment and wonder of watching a creature being born right in front of you is just amazing!

Did you know that Sea Monkeys were invented in 1957 by Harold von Braunhut and have been part of our households since the 1960’s!

They have even made appearances on television including The Simpsons and Desperate Housewives!

But…the most amazing experience they have encountered was on October 29th 1998 when they went into space with the astronaut John Glenn aboard Space Shuttle Discovery.  After nine days in space they returned to Earth and hatched eight weeks later completely unaffected by their travels…WOW!!

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How do Sea Monkeys get their name as they don’t live in the sea nor do they look like monkeys? Well it is because they have long tails and demonstrate playful, monkey like behaviour!

One of the most fascinating characteristics of the Sea Monkey is its ability to live for years as an egg before it hatches, and then once hatched they grow steadily over the next few weeks feeding on a diet of yeast and spirulina.


Source: Google

Want to know some Sea Monkey facts to impress your friends?!

  1. Sea Monkeys have three eyes and breathe through their feet!
  2. Sea Monkeys go by many names. They are actually a form of brine shrimp with the biological name of "Artemia NYOS". Sometimes they are also called seed shrimps
  3. When Sea Monkeys are born, they are so tiny it’s very difficult to see them. In about a month’s time, they grow to about a half inch in length and will begin mating to make more baby Sea Monkeys!
  4. Sea Monkeys are loving little creatures who kiss and cuddle to show affection for one another
  5. When Sea Monkeys need more oxygen, they will swim upside down. Since they breathe through their feet, this type of swimming provides it. A cousin shrimp, the fairy shrimp, swims upside down all the time
  6. The “special ingredient” that is added to the Sea Monkey’s water is actually sea salt. Sea Monkeys have to live in salt water to survive
  7. Sea Monkeys eat algae, so unless it gets too bad, don’t clean the sides of their tank of algae
  8. You can tell a Sea Monkey is properly fed when you see its tummy turns black after eating
  9. If the tank is too cold, Sea Monkeys won’t grow
  10. Sea Monkeys can change colour anywhere from white to a deep, dark red
  11. Male Sea Monkeys have whiskers on their chins
  12. 6 degrees is the perfect temperature for a Sea Monkey tank
  13. They can live up to 2 years if cared for well


Why not celebrate National Sea Monkey Day by buying some Sea Monkeys of your own and enjoy watching them grow!

We would love to hear how you get on..what will you call them?

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On a separate note we are still scheduling mermaid swimming sessions via for this summer and we recommend keeping spirits high in such strange times by letting our children continue to believe in the magic of hope and prosperity. Please use the #mermaidlockdown to show the world that the UK will continue to be hopeful and positive in a time where our generation can use technology to unite spirit and mind.

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