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June 20, 2019 2 min read

Most little girls can only dream of becoming a mermaid, but when Planet Mermaid swam into the swimwear scene back in 2009, these dreams could suddenly become real. And now there are Planet Mermaid mermaids all over the globe, fighting the good fight against climate change and plastic-free oceans.

‘I live by lots of beaches and hate seeing litter on the fish,’ mermaid Kioni from New Zealand told us when we asked how she felt about the climate change debates in London. ‘It makes me so sad and angry that human’s rubbish hurts the sealife.’

Fellow mermaids Josephine and Megan are also learning about climate change and the environment at school – ‘it’s really important to us to help save the environment and animals, particularly those that live in the seas and rivers.’

Kioni was gifted her first tail when she was only eight and has grown up loving the freedom it brings her. ‘It’s so fun being in the water with my friends and swimming faster than my brother in my Planet Mermaid tail. I love all the different colours, and even though I’m now 12, I’m already on my third tail!’

Growing up with Planet Mermaid has almost become a rite of passage for many of their buyers, and it’s easy to see why younger siblings are often quick to follow in the fins of their older sisters or brothers.

‘Planet Mermaid is so mermazing, because it feels like make-believe comes to life!’ Josephine, 10, told us, with her eight-year-old sister, Megan swiftly adding, ‘It makes you go faster and glide through the water like a real mermaid.’

Their friend Imogen, 10, is also a huge Planet Mermaid fan, buying her first tail at the same time as Josephine when they were seven.

For ten years, Planet Mermaid has been capturing a part of life that is vanishing for some children – and our loyal mermaids are proof that it doesn’t just sell swimwear, it sells an experience that keeps on giving.

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