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January 01, 2019 2 min read

If you have a little person like me who is obsessed with anything mermaid related do you ever stop to wonder how it all came about?
It fascinates me that mermaids have occupied our imagination for thousands of years, originating in ancient Assyria with the legend of goddess Atargatis, whose worship spread to Greece and Rome and Atargatis the goddess of fertility who is associated with a fish-bodied goddess at Ascalon. It is even thought that worship of Atargatis and Ascalon eventually merged into one, leading to the description of one ‘mermaid-goddess’
It just blows my mind that mermaids are swamped in history and even to this day are such a big part of our lives through one way or another.
Famous films, both for adults and children alike, are still a big hit and are watched time and time again never growing old.
New and exciting merchandise is coming out daily including tails you can actually swim in and feel like a real mermaid and to my utter delight they are not just for the little ones!
Other great examples I have found are..
Mermaid Hangers
Make up brushes…one for the older clientele!
Beach Towels
Bath Bombs
and finally one of my favorites which I think just sums being a mermaid lover
Personally I think its success comes down to the fact that there is no age limit associated with enjoying anything mermaid related, no matter whether you are big or small. Mermaiding in any form is just simply magical.
Will this phenomenon end….I very much doubt it!
Keep mermaiding!  

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