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December 11, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

If you’re a parent and dread that time of year when you need to come up with new and exciting party ideas for your little one, we have the answer – Mermaid Wave Swim School parties.

Mermaid Wave Swim School has different packages available depending upon your child’s age and interest. Whichever package you choose, your little ones will enjoy every second, guaranteed. The party is run by one of our many qualified instructors, who will show your mermaids and sharks how to swim in their tails, while taking them on a magical storytelling adventure. At the end of the pool session all children then receive a certificate, followed by a group photo sent via email.

Underwater shot from Mermaid party
Swim school parties and training

Mermaid Wave takes all your worries out of child entertainment, so you just need to concentrate on feeding your hungry mermaids or sharks at the end of their session. Need some inspiration? Don’t spend hours on the internet, just try out our handpicked options. 

Mermaid or shark Sandwiches
Mermaid party treats and foodParty treats for Mermaids and Sharks

The pièce de résistance….the CAKE
So many to choose from….
Birthday party cake for Mermaids       Birthday party Mermaid cupcakes
Shark party cake from Planet Mermaid         Shark and Mermaid party events for children

Or even go mer-tastic with an amazing unicorn mermaid cake - Your daughters would love this!

Birthday cake for Mermaid parties at Planet Mermaid

Then to end the party of all parties, go out with a bang and some amazing party bag ideas.

Party Bags for Shark Parties          Party Bags for Mermaid Parties    

Given you an appetite to find out more? With centres all around the UK, there's no excuse not to check us out. Visit our swim school page or call us on 01234 352488.
Remember, it’s not just for children - adults can have mermaid fun too. To find out more, please visit

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Sarah Waddington
Sarah Waddington

September 09, 2021


can you please let me know how your party work? I’m looking to host one for my daughter 6th birthday this summer. Thank you. Sarah

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