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June 01, 2020 2 min read

World Reef Awareness Day held on the 1st June was founded by Raw Elements, a certified natural sunscreen company, to inform the world about the importance of our reefs and inform us how we can protect them.

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This day is a call to action for businesses, organisations and consumers to reflect on how delicate our coral reefs are and bring people together to actively promote change of our current ways through education and awareness.

What are Coral Reefs?

Coral reefs are living communities of colonial organism made of individual polyps that excrete a bone-like skeleton. This skeleton forms large rock-like structures that are homes for thousands of organisms.  They provide an important eco system for marine life giving them food and shelter.

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Where are Coral Reefs Found?

Corals are found in all oceans however they only build reefs in warm waters, the most famous being the Great Barrier Reef in Australia which is a staggering 2,300 kilometres long!

The Health of our Coral Reefs

The health of a reef tells us a great deal about the state of an ocean and many fish and other ocean animals rely on the reef for protection, food and most importantly their life support system.

The benefits of a healthy reef ecosystem go far beyond the ocean:

  • essential to the plant and fish-life
  • contribute to a lively fishing industry
  • protect beaches and coastlines from erosion
  • acts as the oceans filter
  • provide life-saving medicines and
  • possibly the one animal on the planet capable of consuming plastic


Coral Reef Threats

There is however a great threat to our amazing reefs and this is in the form of coral bleaching.  This is such a desperate problem that reefs are disappearing at a rapid rate.  The Great Barrier Reef for example has decreased by 40% and others along the Florida Keys and the Caribbean have seen a decline between 85-99%!

Source: Google

What causes coral reefs to die off?

  • Rising sea temperatures
  • Industrial pollution, plastic pollution, sewage
  • Chemical sunscreens and
  • Unmanaged, high-density tourism all threaten coral reefs.


How can we help protect our Coral Reefs?

One easy step to help protect our amazing coral reefs is to wear non nano zinc oxide sunscreen.  This reduces the toxicity and the impact to our ecosystems is mitigated.

If each of us spreads this awareness we in turn help save our reefs for tomorrow and will be able to continue to enjoy the splendor these magical ecosystems have to offer.. maybe even in your magical mermaid tail!

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