Sea Star Mermaid Tail Upgrade Kit

Size Guide
Mermaid Tail - Size Guide
3-4 50-55cm 58-64cm
4-5 52-60cm 60-69cm
6-7 57-64cm 72-80cm
8-9 60-64cm 81-86cm
9-11 61-70cm 83-90cm
11-12 65-75cm 87-97cm
12-14 70-80cm 90cm-100cm
*Fabric stretches 3-5cm beyond the guide measurements.
Mermaid Top

This upgrade mermaid tail set consists of a tail and a top of your choice and doesn't come with a monofin.

The Sea Star Mermaid tail features a beautiful 3D print in stunning bright green and blue colours. Sea Star is a star of our MerPlanet collection. Its stunning green and blue colours are truly mesmerising and are much loved by mermaids and merboys too. 

As with our other tails, it has a partial opening at the bottom which allows mermaids to use the monofin. As this is an upgrade kit, it doesn't include a monofin. You need a monofin in order to be able to swim as a mermaid.

    sea star blue mermaid tail
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