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September 04, 2019 2 min read

Planet Mermaid can exclusively reveal that it is launching National Merboy Day on Wednesday 4th September 2019.

Merboys are often seen as the poor relation to their female counterpart the mermaid but Planet Mermaid is hoping that the launch of this day will alter people’s perceptions and bring them to the forefront.


A “merboy” a young merman, takes the form of a boy human from the waist up and a fish like creature from the waist down, similar to mermaids in having scaly fish tails to replace legs.

In much contrast to mermaids mermen or boys were traditionally known to be unattractive, however this theory has been changed over time and they are now perceived to be handsome.

Mermen have also been known to be wild and naughty but also wise teachers.  Similar to mermaids they can attract humans with their enchanted beauty and siren like singing voices.

To celebrate this day

Help Planet Mermaid celebrate “National Merboy Day” by putting on an activity where you live.  Why not have a party with your friends and all dress up or celebrate at a water park or even just be in your own garden with a paddling pool…there are so many different ways we can promote the true excellence that is to be a Merboy!

Hope we have given you the enthusiasm to make this an annual event … out mermaids our merboys are coming to get you!

Please send through any photos of you capturing this special day our social media platforms, we would love to see them and share with fellow mermaid lovers!



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Keep mermaiding and sharking!

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