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September 08, 2021 3 min read

Planet Mermaid is very proud to have one of its own mermaid team member’s sign up to the “Swim Serpentine” event to raise valuable funds for WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the leading global charity dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises. 

The Swim Serpentine event is a one day open water swimming event held on Saturday 18th September at the beautiful Serpentine in Hyde Park, London, home of the Serpentine Swimming Club.  Hyde Park swimming is open to everyone at the Serpentine Lido and is an amazing venue to do wild water swimming.

Mermaid Ophelie who took no hesitation in signing up comments:

When I was given the opportunity to participate in this event, I said yes straight away without knowing too much about the details. I am always up for doing new and exciting things that challenge me and allow me to work towards a specific goal, all whilst raising money for a great cause. 

I had recently seen articles about an annual tradition in the Faroe Islands in Denmark where a festival involves the needless killing of hundreds of dolphins and whales, these images have continued to be my inspiration and motivation for doing the swim. Whales, dolphins and all sea creatures are a Mermaid's best friend and they need to be saved, they all deserve a chance to live. 

When I started training, I was barely able to swim 500m, and this was with lots of breaks! I can now swim 1600m with minimal breaks and longer sets, with each session I try and push myself to swim longer and further. I have loved swimming and being in the water, both in pools and outside in the fresh and most of the time very chilly water. My hair never looks nice, I always seem to have water in my ears and can’t get rid of the smell of chlorine, but it is completely worth it! I'm so excited for the event on the 18th September and can’t wait to swim alongside everyone else participating, I'm sure I won’t be the only mermaid there”

Planet Mermaids founder Maggie goes on to say:

“We at Planet Mermaid are super proud of Mermaid Ophelie for her endurance, strength and courage to improve her health and stamina whilst doing her part to help save whales, dolphins and porpoises; we are behind her at every stage of this exciting journey”

Mermaid Ophelie is openwater swimming in her wetsuit and neoprene swim cap but has said if she raises enough for WDC she may think about using her mermaid tail or even enter other open water swim races in 2021!

Mermaid Ophelie has been training extremely hard for this and if all goes well may look to do the North Channel Swim as her next challenge!!

Ophelie has already smashed her £300 target which is simply amazing, lets help her get to her ultimate goal of £700, simply click on the link to go straight to her just giving page of you would like to donate to this worthy cause -

If Mermaid Ophelie has inspired you to try openwater swimming and you are thinking about where you can find “open water swimming near me” just google and locations will come up near you.  Mermaid Ophelie chose to train at Box End, Kempston in Bedfordshire, near Planet Mermaids HQ.

Planet Mermaid will be cheering Mermaid Ophelie on during her swim the 18th September so keep an eye on our social media for live updates!

Go Mermaid Ophelie you truly are an inspiration and the whales, dolphins and porpoises will be so proud of you!


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